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Attention update BattleMU

- x shop added to the game world
- Added the ability to call helpers.
Command to call: / spawn
1. battle1 - Call with 1 lvl
2. battle2 - Call 1 reset and 1 lvl
3. battle3 - Call 2 reset and 1 lvl
4. battle4 - Call 3 reset and 1 lvl
Example of a call:
/ spawn battle1
/ spawn battle2
/ spawn battle3
/ spawn battle4
These assistants are still being developed, they will be adjusted and a variety added. If you notice something, please write to us on the forum.

In the near future you will have many more buns in our world mu online.

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Dear players, I bring to your attention on our server a scammer appeared who, under the guise of the administration, is trying to get the data. Be careful and always before you perform any operation, always remember that the administrator does not ask for your data, beginning with the mail ending with access passwords.

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Currently this is only one server.
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