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Dear players BattleMU Online.Administration provided the opportunity to purchase things for your character. To balance the game world, we provide the opportunity to purchase some of the things BattleMU Online. With the growth of the BattleMU server, we will add things the class above. Also we want to pay attention to the following: Buying things, that are now available in the store, you can upgrade them (Upgrade Item). That is: after posting more new sets or wings .... You can give your bought items and get the last ones placed in the store. Questions and suggestions please write to FORUM. Sincerely, the administration of BattleMU. 

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Reward for working cheat programs!

By giving the administration a work program that affects the gameplay in the world of Battle MU, after which we will add it to our defense base. To improve the quality of the game on the server Battle MU. For each program, the player will receive good rewards.
Thank you for making our server the best!
Today an intruder was discovered on Battle MU - ZooooM. It was blocked for using the program affecting the game world!

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Dear BATTLE players. We successfully started and took our place in a number of mu online.
Any requests, wishes write to us:
SUPPORT SKYPE: live: battlemuonlline
Also, we want to point out some buns, donations for helping develop a stable and high-quality server.
Server administration rewards for providing information about a found bug or other error.
If you find a working cheat bot that affects the gameplay of our server and provide it to us for processing and entering into the base of protection of our server, the administration will issue bonuses for promoting the development of the server, a stable, fair game !
Thank you all for coming and believing in us!

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Currently this is only one server.
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